Custom Programming Made Easy

What if you could put your entire inventory/property/client/membership management system online? No longer would you be tied to a single computer or network to gain access to your information. If everything were online, you could log in from home, on the road, even from your phone. Juva Marketing can help!

< With more than 15 years of programming experience, let Juva Marketing assess your current data management situation and offer a new way to work smarter, not harder!
How much does it cost?
Each and every project is different when it comes to programming so there's really no set price. Our projects are billed by the hour. However, you are given an estimated total cost up front!

For example, if we quote your project at 20 hours, but we spent 25 hours completing the agreed upon project specs, you only pay for the 20 hours.

As long as nothing is added to the project after the quote is given, we will only charge the quoted price, regardless of how many physical hours we spend programming.

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