The question that is on every business owner's mind is how can I reach the maximum number of customers at an affordable price. Mobile marketing is the answer to that question. The problem with traditional means of advertising is the lack of followup communication. If you purchase a billboard you have lots of exposure, but no followup. You have no way of knowing who saw the billboard or if they were interested in your product unless they tell you when they come in your store. The same works for radio, television, and even internet advertising.

Mobile Marketing however is not a shotgun approach. Mobile Marketing is precise and targeted. With mobile marketing the customers tell you they are interested. Therefore qualifying that customer as a potential buyer.
If you had just $500 to spend on advertising, would you spend it on an advertisement and hope the right customer sees your ad and visits your store? Or, would you rather spend that money on allowing customers the opportunity to tell you they are interested in your products?
Making Mobile Work for You It began with a simple sign hanging over a door or in a window; the first form of advertisement. As people walked by they saw the sign, came in the store and purchased your goods and services. Then along came the radio. Companies rushed to be the first to have their products featured on the evening broadcasts. As families gathered around to listen, just as the main character was about to open the door to see what waits behind, you would hear the words "This broadcast is brought to you by..." Then there was the automobile, then the television, then the internet. With every new innovation technology brings, companies find new ways to advertise their products and services. From billboards and banner ads to super bowl commercials, the cost of advertising continues to go up. That is, until now. With the onset of smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry, and Droid companies now have a new medium to reach their customers. Mobile Marketing is quickly becoming the more efficient way to reach new customers. Email, Text Messages, and social media are all connected to your customers' smart phones. The question now is simply, how can your company be connected to your customer's smart phone, too?