Juva Marketing is a small business, much like most of our clients. We, just as you, are the backbone of the American Economy. Our goal here at Juva Marketing is to provide an honest service for an honest price. It is not our goal to sell you products and services you do not need or cannot use, but to ensure that you get the most out of your mobile marketing campaign.

The people behind Juva Marketing have been in the internet business since 1996. (yes, back to the mindspring and aol days of dialup internet) We have seen the internet evolve into what it is today. We know the perils of operating both on and off line. With a background of programming, SEO, hosting, and network administration, we believe that the next logical move is to move into mobile marketing. Mobile Marketing combines all of the previous mentioned aspects of the internet and concentrates them in one area.

Juva Marketing is a Christian based company. We believe in treating our customers fairly and giving back to the community. We strive to have a Christ-like attitude in all we do.

So what exactly does JUVA stand for? Just, Unmatched, Value, and Attitude. We know, funny name. However, we believe in everything the name stands for. We believe in being JUST and fair, UNMATCHED in price and VALUE, and to have a positive ATTITUDE in all of our business transactions.