How QR Lead Generation Works

  • Patron Scans QR Code

    From a table top tent, your menu, or flyer on the bulletin board, patrons of your business can scan the QR code with their smart phone.
  • Patron Sends Email

    The QR code is programmed to pull up an email on the patron's smart phone. All they have to do is send it.
  • Patron Confirms Email

    The customer will receive a simple confirmation email. All they have to do is click the confirmation link and they are on your mailing list. This is a double opt-in Anti-Spam security feature which is required by most ISPs when sending to your mailing list.
  • Patron Receives Welcome Email

    The system will automatically send the patron a thank you email complete with a coupon, if you choose to give them a discount for scanning the code.


  • Q: Where can I put my QR code to generate leads?
    A: EVERY WHERE! Business cards, table tents, newsletters, even facebook and twitter! Be sure to place your QR code any where and every where you may come in contact with a potential customer.

  • Q: Where does the customer go once they have joined my mailing list?
    A: You can specify a page for them to be taken to once they complete the email registration process. For example, if you want we can redirect them to your mobile website, or if you are using our SMS Notification service then we can take them to a page prompting them to sign up for SMS notifications as well.

  • Q: How do I contact the customers I have in my mailing list?
    A: When you want to email out to your customers then you simply contact our customer service department and email them the information you wish to share with your customers. They will then design a professional and sharp looking email with all required mass email notifications (to keep your company out of trouble with your ISP) and email the information out with in 24 hours.(many times the turn around time is much faster)

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