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This weekend I spent some time at the Peacock festival over in Pavo, GA. As I stood there under the beautiful oak tree listening to a rockin’ rendition of “Train, Train” by a local singer, I began to imagine how could mobile marketing work in a setting such as this. When you think about it, mobile is the only option in a setting like  that. There are no wi-fi connections, so unless you have a laptop or iPad that is G3 ready, your only other option would be pull out your cell phone and start surfing.

Soon, all that thinking made me thirsty. There was a Food Vendor next to the stage, so I walked over and purchased a $4 Big Gulp. I began to walk away, and then it hit me. I went back and asked the lady working in the trailer why there were no menus with prices posted. She told me that the hanging metal signage was their menu, and they just didn’t have prices posted. I imagined they spent most of their time answering the same questions over and over as the festival day went on. Just then a lady came up behind me and asked the inevitable, “how much for a lemonade?” The lady replied, and I had a great idea.

I believe that mobile marketing can be used everywhere. After all, mobile devices are everywhere. Chances are, you have a mobile device in your pocket, or with in reaching distance to you as you read this blog. As I looked around the festival grounds I saw hundreds of people with cell phones.

What if I could create a QR code that people could scan and view a mobile menu?

Mobile web sites are becoming more and more popular, I believe mobile “scan pages” will become even more popular. How convenient would it be to allow customers at a festival to scan a QR code on the side of your vendor trailer and view a mobile menu before they step to the counter. It would eliminate the “how much is…” question and allow the customers to quickly order their food and be served. We’ve all been behind the family with three screaming kids, each one wanting a different flavor shaved ice and the mom or dad asking six times, “do you have blue raspberry?”

If you are a Festival Food Vendor, contact us about our special pricing for this QR based Web Menu. Trust me, it’s highly affordable. To put it in food terms, five large cups of lemonade would cover the setup and first month’s service!!!

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